Medicare Insurance Specialists

By Debbie Lagestee

Medicare open enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7. The task of navigating Medicare plans can be very intimidating and often confusing to some people. There are many choices and options to consider when choosing the best plan for yourself or a loved one. Gail Onken is a licensed Medicare insurance agent; she works with her clients to remove their fear and guide them in choosing the best Medicare health insurance plan for their situation.

Gail worked in the fast-paced field of marketing and advertising. After 25 years, she was ready for a change. Gail started her own business, Medicare Insurance Specialists. She has represented over a dozen different Medicare insurers since 2006. She has an in-depth knowledge of the particulars of the complex field of Medicare insurance. Unlike many other agents in the health and life insurance business, she solely handles Medicare insurance. Focusing on and specializing in one area has enabled her to excel in her field. She continues her education each year keeping up to date on the dynamic, ever-changing plans. Gail’s philosophy is to help people navigate the Medicare maze. She makes it her priority to simplify the system for her clients.

Gail meets with each client to learn their personal needs and considers each client’s health needs. She conveys to them that they do not have to figure it out on their own. She does the research for them and presents them with options and recommendations for the most suitable insurance plan for their individual needs. “I find it gratifying to take the daunting process off people’s shoulders”, says Gail.

Gail has an office with a view. It is not of a big city skyline, nor is it in a skyscraper. Rather, it is in her Carolina Bay home situated on one of the beautiful scenic ponds. She loves working from home and being able to take a break to walk her two Golden Retrievers, Tank and Tara. Gail and her husband Warren have done Golden Retriever Rescue, Grateful Goldens of the Lowcountry for over 20 years. Their dog Tank is a therapy dog and his sister Tara is currently training to be a therapy dog as well. Gail and Warren have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Gail is a gardening enthusiast. She loves the plants, flowers, and foliage that grow with ease in the Charleston climate. Gail and Warren are very involved in their church, Trinity United Methodist, where she serves as Chair of the Trustees Committee.  Gail spends her free time volunteering at Gibbes Museum, and she is a docent guide at the Haley Institute of Contemporary Art, which is part of the College of Charleston. Gail loves being a part of and giving back to her community.

Gail would like to remind her neighbors that almost everyone becomes eligible for Medicare. So whether you are looking into coverage for yourself or perhaps a parent, consider meeting with Gail for a free consultation. Being conveniently located in Carolina Bay, she offers flexibility in scheduling an appointment. She is available evenings and weekends. She is licensed in 5 states and can assist people in SC, GA, AL, FL, and NC. Her service does not stop with helping people enroll in Medicare plans. She continues to be available for them. Gail recounts the story, “I had a 97-year-old client who called one day to say he’d just gotten a bill for $37,500 from his insurance company. They had denied his claim for a hospital stay out of state. I was able to help get it reduced to $1,700. There is no way he would have known how to navigate this matter. He’s 101 now, and he calls me every year to thank me.” Gail’s knowledge in the Medicare insurance field coupled with her compassion and true desire to help people customize their solution make her the perfect choice when choosing a Medicare insurance agent.

This article was featured in the October 2020 issue of Carolina Bay Neighbors magazine.


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