Charleston Chiropractic Associates

By Debbie Lagestee

Dr. Nick Barnes is the owner of Charleston Chiropractic Associates. He has first-hand knowledge of how debilitating an injury can be. He explains, “In high school, I suffered a neck injury while playing football. It was excruciatingly painful, and I was unable to turn my head to the right. For days nothing would relieve my pain. Then my dad brought me to a chiropractor. After my first visit, I was able to turn my head. Within a week, I was out of pain and back on the football field.” It was that incident, he says,”was the spark that ignited my passion and my career as a Chiropractor.” He is passionate about helping his patients get out of pain and live healthier lives.

Dr. Barnes graduated from the New York Chiropractic College. He began his career in 2011 in the northeast. In July 2018, he relocated to Charleston to escape the cold, snowy climate and embrace the Lowcountry lifestyle. It was then he purchased Charleston Chiropractic Associates. He believes in a patient-centered approach. Each person is different with unique concerns and needs, but ultimately they share the same goal: To live a healthier, pain-free life.

Dr. Barnes puts his patients first to achieve results. With his focus on treating the whole body, he offers various gentle chiropractic treatments, including chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound therapy, electric muscle stimulation, and massage chair therapy. Since moving to Charleston, he has successfully treated over 2,000 patients dealing with health issues and the pain associated with injuries, repetitive motions, and the busyness of everyday life.  He is affectionately called Dr. Nick the Chiropractor by his patients. It brings him great joy to see people achieve their goals and have a better quality of life. He loves getting to know so many people on a personal level and learn about their lives. The stories his patients share make each day fun and interesting.

Upon entering the office, patients are welcomed by the Golden Greeter, Monty, Dr. Barnes’ one-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever. He’s quick with a kiss or a lean-in for some petting. Monty loves the attention and going to work with Dr. Barnes. While not in the office, Dr. Barnes spends his free time socializing with friends, doing outdoor activities, going to the beach, seeking new adventures, traveling, and taking Monty to the dog park.

Dr. Barnes has a motto, “It isn’t just about the years of life, but more so about the life we put into the years we have.” He works diligently to bring quality years to his patients’ lives and make sure they don’t miss out on significant life events or everyday passions because of pain. Ailments such as headaches, neck and back pain, vertigo, wrist pain, sciatica nerve pain, and arthritis are treatable with chiropractic services. The discomfort and pain associated with these conditions can impact the quality of life. With the proper treatment, you can improve your lifestyle. Dr. Barnes is ready to help you achieve Healthier, Pain-Free Living. Call today to schedule an appointment!

This article was featured in the August 2021 issue of Carolina Bay Neighbors magazine.


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