Dear Residents,

Spring has sprung in Charleston! We hope you are getting out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and flowers in bloom. We love this time of year as the local landscape shifts to green. What a perfect time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We hope the luck of the Irish is with you all this month!

My team members and I love bringing Carolina Bay Neighbors magazine to these great communities each and every month.  Our goal is to bring enjoyable, positive, useful, relevant, family-friendly content to all of the residents that live here.  We are always looking for new content and suggestions of how we can make it better with each new issue.

In addition to the magazine, we hope you are enjoying the website!  It is not intended to be a complete online version of the magazine.  Instead, it is designed to be a place for the great articles featured in Carolina Bay Neighbors to be available and enjoyed by more readers than previously reached.

We thank all of the local business sponsors featured in Carolina Bay Neighbors who make this magazine possible.  Their sponsorship shows how much they care about these 3 great communities.  If you own a business and would like to become a sponsor, please reach out to Chris at his e-mail address below for more information.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Chris Lagestee, Publisher           clagestee@bestversionmedia.com

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