We enjoy receiving submission from local residents as well as our local business sponsors. If you would like to submit content for the magazine, please note the due date based on the monthly issue.

The following content can be submitted to us:

  • Community articles
  • Expert contributor articles
  • Pet photos & details
  • Family recipes
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Calendar entries 

Please send your content to Debbie at dlagestee@bestversionmedia.com

Issue Month   –>   Content Due

January   –>   November 25
February   –>   December 25
March   –>   January 25
April   –>   February 25
May   –>   March 25
June   –>   April 25
July   –>   May 25
August   –>   June 25
September   –>   July 25
October   –>   August 25
November   –>   September 25
December   –>   October 25


If you are a local business owner or marketing director and looking to receive information about sponsorship advertising in the magazine, please visit our Advertising section or contact Chris at 843-480-2421

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