Common Fall Pest Issues in the Lowcountry

By Vic Hainline   •   Truly Nolen Pest Control

Charleston, South Carolina is a lovely and historic area with abundant wildlife and beautiful waterways. As our outdoor temperatures begin to drop with the seasonal weather changes, pests are naturally attracted to the warm environments of our homes.

While we may be tempted to leave doors and windows open to enjoy the cooler weather, this can lead to entry by flying insects that can spread disease and contaminate food.  Properly screened doors and windows are essential to reduce access for these pests.

Fall is also a common time for rodents to enter homes. Roof rats are a very common invasive species that have become the primary rodent in our area.  These rats are exceptional climbers and able to enter a home through a hole as small as a quarter.  Once these rodents become established in a home, eradication will generally require professional help.

Prevention is always the best practice with ongoing maintenance of seals around doors, garage doors and windows.  Screening of foundation vents and trimming back trees and vegetation are also helpful to reduce rodent access to the home. 

Eliminating water issues in and around the home is also essential to reduce conditions conducive to rodents and other pests. Exterior application of pesticides can help control occasional pest issues before they have a chance to move into the home.

Vic Hainline is the owner of Truly Nolen – West Ashley

This article was featured in the November 2022 issue of Carolina Bay Neighbors magazine.


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